Invoices FAQ

Why does my invoice amount change each month?

We invoice on a calendar month. Therefore the days your sessions fall on vary from one month to the next. For example, a chid attends on a Tuesday & Wednesday. February 2017 Tues x4 & Wed x4. March 2017 Tues x4 & Wed x5


Am I charged for bank holidays?

No, we are closed on all bank holidays and so we do not charge for these days


When is my invoice due?

All fees are due for payment in advance. We require all fees to be paid by the 1st of the month that they relate to.


How do I know if my direct debit has been applied for?

We apply for direct debits on the 25th of the month. If you have a direct debit, you will receive an email notification from SmartDebit confirming the amount.


I think my sessions are incorrect?

Please contact your nursery manager who will be able to confirm the sessions attended.


I wish to change my sessions

We require 4 weeks written notification for changes to regular sessions. Please contact your nursery manager who will be able to check availability.


How can I pay by childcare vouchers?

Speak to the nursery manager who will be able to confirm if we are registered with your voucher provider. If we are not, we will register with them. If we are we will provide any reference numbers for you to locate our nursery with your provider. Please also inform the manager of your monthly payment, we will up date our database. These will appear on your invoice on the bottom left corner under “Payment Options”. Childcare vouchers are due on the 1st on of the month along with direct debits.


What if my monthly voucher amount is greater than my invoice?

Please only send the voucher amount for the total of the invoice. If you also have a direct debit, no direct debit will be taken as the invoice will be paid in full by childcare vouchers